The Black Crew
The Black Crew

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The Black Crew

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Every 80's film has that scene. You know the one. The meaningful moment. The one that establishes the character's depth. Two friends jogging - discussing life's most pressing issues, the main character and the lovable sidekick warming up in the batters box before stepping into the community softball league, or when Mr. Bacon decides to get behind the wheel of a 1950 John Deere antique tractor to participate in the weirdest game of chicken in cinematic history. 

And there it is, that sweatshirt. The one you always wanted to wear but could never find. It's so versatile. Absent of flair yet full of style. That crew neck would transport you right back into the glory days of 80's cinema but with a modern touch. You could do anything with that garment. You could be lounging under the burnt orange leaves of old oak sharing your heart with another or celebrating your game winning goal before heading to the local pub to celebrate. 

No matter the scene - as long as you're wearing The Black Crew, your sleeves will be rolled up, your confidence will be unmatched, and you'll be stealing the spotlight.