The Black Out Hoodie
The Black Out Hoodie

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The Black Out Hoodie

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The night is dark and the city is alive with pulsing neon and taxi's jockeying for position. Steam streaks from the manhole covers as the sounds of late night revelry spill into the streets. You know this is a long shot but you have to try. You make your way through the rough and tumble streets avoiding the skeptical stares of strangers who's only skill is violence. Your hands rest in the sturdy yet comfortable hoodie pocket clinching the thumb drive.

"This must get to the woman in red. No one else, do you understand? The fate of the world depends on it." Those were his last words to you before he sped away. What's on the drive and why didn't he just use dropbox? The wind picks up and you're thankful for the thick fabric and high thread count your Black Out Hoodie offers. That's when you know you're going to make it. If you've made the life choices necessary to get your hands on a quality sweatshirt like this you can do anything.

You can even save the world.